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Paola Agopian is a fashion designer and entrepreneur with the very simple idea of transforming a silk scarf into a dress of light comfort, special color fantasies and precious fabrics, especially silk. Her “scarf dresses” exploit the elegance, lightness and comfort of the silk scarf, combining those elements with the infinite possibilities offered by the most sophisticated and delicate designs and colors. The textile prints are designed by Paola combining unexpected color textures and combinations. She has designed each scarf as a painting, to tell a story and communicate a feeling.

Her fashion creations are combined into the “Chains of Flowers” collection of silk scarf dresses, and are made in Italy by the hands of expert artisans located in the historical silk area of Como.

Key pillars of the brand personality are based on ecologism, innovation, research of high quality fabrics and creation of original prints. It combines creativity and innovation through the use of new technologies, attention to the environment (through the use of ecological printing techniques and water colors), excellence of fabrics and refined craftsmanship.